AJTS - African Journal of Traumatic Stress

A publication of African Psycare Research Organisation In Collaboration with Makerere University College of Health Science.

African Journal of Trauma Stress [AJTS]

The African Journal of Traumatic Stress (AJTS) was established after the long realization of the need for all workers caring for traumatized people in Africa, to communicate to each other, to share experiences, knowledge, skills and to support each other. It was realized that there was a need to document and communicate all this knowledge to a wider audience beyond the African continent for the world to know, appreciate and help the traumatized peoples of Africa in the context of the now globalized increase of torture and organized violence as well as other man-made and natural disasters.

The primary objective of the AJTS is to provide a forum for discussion and presentation of papers to enhance the care and rehabilitation of the traumatized people’s of Africa and beyond and ultimately to contribute to prevention efforts to eradicate this evil of torture and organized violence from Africa and the world at large.

Current Issue

Vol 5 No 1 (2020)